It is important to accurately process and store brewers grain

Time: 2022-07-18 Author: Dingli Group

In temperate countries, brewers grains are typically produced only during the warm season when beer consumption is at its peak. This means that brewers grain is less available to be used as animal feed in those countries when the temperature is much colder and animals are in more need of it. This is why brewers grain often has the need to be dried or ensiled to be used for later. Even though it is possible to store wet brewers grain, drying is the only solution for long term storage. The optimal moisture content should not exceed 10%. The dried brewer's grains can be stored for a long time to ensure the normal feed supply for poultry and livestock for a year. There is large market demand, and good economic benefits will be obtained.

beer grain dryer

Dingli beer spent grain drying machine has a high degree of mechanization in drying, large production capacity, and can be continuously operated. The structure is excellent, the operation is simple, the operation is stable, the power consumption is low, and the drying uniformity of the product is good. For more information, welcome to consult online.

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