Good beet pulp dryer reduces investment and production costs

Time: 2022-07-20 Author: Dingli Group

Beet sugar production is a seasonal business. In just four months of each year, large-scale industrial plants process about 1.6 million tons of sugar beet. After the sugar has been extracted, the leftover beet pulp is dried and sold as animal feed. Beet pulp has high feeding value, good palatability, and rich nutrients. It is a high-quality and cheap feed resource. It is often used as an energy feed supplement in ruminant feeding.

However, the moisture content of beet residue is relatively large. How to deal with beet residue with relatively high humidity? The dewatering process is extremely energy-intensive, and steeply rising energy costs are driving producers to look for innovative dryer solutions.

Beet pulp dryer

Dingli Beet Slag Dryer can dehydrate and dry high-humid beet pulp to dry products with water content below 13%.  The moisture can be quickly reduced by using the beet residue dryer,  color of the dried product after drying is unchanged, retains the color and nutrients of the original material.

Dingli provides customized dewatering and drying production line equipment for customers' needs, meets the needs of drying beet pulp in different areas, and solves the problems of sugar beet residue treatment. Welcome to consult online for more information.

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