Distiller's Grains Dryer Machine
Capacity:30-300 t/d Drying Material Moisture(%):(Adjustable) Heat Source:
Widely used for drying spent grain, vinasse, distillers' grains, etc.

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Distillers grains are a cereal byproduct of the distillation process. it usually refers to barley produced as a byproduct of brewing, distillers grains are a mix of corn, rice, and other grains.

Dingli distiller grains dryer can quickly dehydrate and dry the wet distiller grains with a moisture content of about 65% to a dry product with a moisture content of about 10%. It is used to make high-protein feed and realizes the mechanization, automation, and industrialization of the drying of distiller’s grains. 

Distiller Grains Dryer is a series of drying products produced by Dingli to meet the needs of users on the market for drying materials such as spent grains, corn distiller grains, buckwheat distiller grains, white distiller grains, and beer spent grains. The equipment applies the drying process independently developed by Dingli. It uses high-temperature hot air for rapid drying, short drying time, small temperature rise, large output, low consumption, excellent structure, and simple operation.

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Model Capacity(T/D) Initial Moisture(%) Final Moisture(%) Drying Temperature (℃) Total Power(KW) Plant Area(㎡)
DLSG1212 40 60±5 ≤12 280±30 24 18*5
DLSG1415 70 32 21*5
DLSG1615 90 45 21*5
DLSG2210/3 120 69 18*6
DLSG2212/3 140 76 20*6
DLSG2512/3 180 96 20*7
DLSG2912/3 240 125 20*8

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