Rice husk charcoal machine, also known as rice husk charcoal making machine or rice husk carbonization machine, is a piece of equipment that converts rice husk, a by-product of rice production, into charcoal or biochar. This process is known as carbonization or pyrolysis.

Rice husk charcoal making machines are specialized equipment used to convert rice husks, a byproduct of rice production, into charcoal. This process, known as carbonization or pyrolysis, transforms the rice husks into a carbon-rich product with various applications.

In the high-temperature oxygen-free pyrolysis process, the carbon and hydrogen elements in rice husk are converted into high-calorie mixed combustible gas, charcoal, and by-products: wood vinegar and tar.

continuous charcoal making machine

charcoal making machine

By using rice husk charcoal making machine, we can get the most important end product, rice husk charcoal. The charcoal can be further processed into industrial hookah or barbecue charcoal, both of which have high values and can be applied in many areas. It is the most suitable machine for industrial hookah charcoal or BBQ charcoal production. The machine serves as a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for managing this waste, as it transforms this waste into a valuable resource.

Rice husks are fed into the charcoal making machine. Inside the machine, the rice husks undergo a controlled carbonization process at high temperatures in an oxygen-limited environment. The volatile components in the rice husks are released as gases, leaving behind the carbon-rich charcoal.

Pre-treatment: The rice husks may undergo preprocessing steps such as drying, crushing, and screening to ensure they are suitable for carbonization.

Carbonization: The pre-treated rice husks are loaded into the charcoal making machine and undergo the carbonization process.

Cooling: After carbonization, the charcoal is cooled to prevent spontaneous combustion.

Post-processing: The charcoal may be further processed, such as grinding into powder or briquetting into blocks, depending on the intended application.

Model Carbon capacity(kg/h) Inner layer diameter(mm) Outer layer diameter(mm) Drum length(m) Dimension(m)
DLTJ1410/2 300-500 800 1400 10 10*2.1*2.8
DLTJ1610/2 600-800 1000 1600 10 10*2.3*3.0
DLTJ1810/2 700-1000 1200 1800 10 10*2.6*3.2
DLTJ2010/2 1100-1300 1400 2000 10 10*2.9*3.9
DLTJ2312/2 1500-2000 1600 2300 12 12*3.2*4.2
DLTJ2512/2 2200-2500 1800 2500 12 12*3.5*4.5
DLTJ2912/2 2500-3000 2200 2900 12 12*3.9*4.9
DLTJ3212/2 3200-3800 2500 3200 12 12*4.2*5.3
DLTJ3612/2 4000-4500 2900 3600 12 12*4.6*5.8


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