How to reduce the moisture of the okara

Time: 2022-07-15 Author: Dingli Group

Bean dregs are a by-product of the production of soy milk or tofu. It has various nutrients such as protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Due to the high nutrient content of the bean dregs, the bean dregs are used as animal feed, and feeding livestock is a relatively common way of utilization. The common treatment method is drying to make feed pellets. The raw material of the bean dregs has high water content, and the direct drying takes a long time, and the effect is not good.

Bean Dreg Dewatering Equipment is suitable for materials such as bean dregs and bean curd. Zhengzhou Dingli provides large and medium-sized dewatering equipment, and there are many models to choose from. Recently, some customers brought materials to the factory to test the bean dregs dehydrator, the equipment is running well and the operation is simple. 

brewer grain dewatering machine

Dingli Bean Dregs Drying Production Line adopts the combination of dehydration and drying. Before entering the dryer, the pretreatment of the bean dregs is dehydrated, and the high-moisture bean dregs are dehydrated to about 60%, and then transported to the dryer through the screw conveyor, drying the water to 12%. This kind of treatment is more efficient, energy-saving, and improving economic efficiency for enterprises. It has been recognized by many customers and the market feedback is good. More information can be consulted online, welcome to discuss cooperation.

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