Dingli coal slime dryer for Shaanxi customers installation site

Time: 2022-04-15 Author: Dingli Group

Shaanxi customers came to our company for inspection and negotiation at the end of last year, and ordered coal slime drying equipment with a daily output of 1,900 tons. It has been delivered to the installation site as scheduled, and the installation and commissioning work has begun. Coal slime dryer is our company's old star product. There are hundreds of case sites at home and abroad. Obtained high praise from customers.

The installation pictures returned by the customer show:

coal slime dryer

Dingli coal slime dryer is mainly composed of heat source, feeding equipment, drying unit, dust removal unit, discharging equipment, etc. It is suitable for drying and upgrading of various slime, coal, lignite, blue carbon and clean coal. It can meet the daily processing capacity of 300-3000 tons. Customers who need to know are welcome to leave a message for consultation details.

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