How to make organic fertilizer from poultry manure?

Time: 2022-04-14 Author: Dingli Group

How to make organic fertilizer from manure? Poultry manure is a very good fertilizer raw material, but it cannot be used directly as fertilizer. How to better convert the fecal waste generated by large farms into fertilizers has always been the focus of many customers. The excrement drying system developed and manufactured by Dingli solves this problem. The following is a video display of the equipment operation:

The complete set of organic fertilizer production line equipment designed and manufactured by Dingli can rapidly ferment, dry, granulate and mix animal manure and various pesticide residues, food, kitchen waste and other materials. This is a complete equipment from raw material collection to finished product packaging.

chicken manure dryer 

Our dryers are designed and manufactured not only to dry fermented or composted chicken manure with a moisture content of around 40-50%, but also to dry fresh chicken manure with a moisture content of up to 75%. After drying, the moisture content of the dried poultry manure can be around 13-15% or according to customer needs.

Dingli is a professional dryer manufacturer with 17 years of production experience. Interested customers are welcome to leave a message for consultation.

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