How does the slime dryer effectively complete the drying process?


The complete slime drying process typically involves multiple steps and equipment to ensure effective and efficient drying of the slime. The following is the complete process of coal slime drying process:

Coal slime feed:

Coal slime is first sent to the drying workshop through conveyor belts or other feeding systems to ensure a continuous and stable supply of raw materials.


Before entering the drying equipment, the coal slime may require preliminary pretreatment, such as screening, crushing or impurity removal, to remove large impurities and foreign matter and improve drying efficiency.


The slime enters drying equipment such as a tumble dryer or rotary dryer. The equipment is designed with specific structures inside, such as screw propellers, large-angle guide plates, inclined lifting plates, etc., which are used to guide the slime to flow inside the equipment and come into contact with hot air or hot flue gas.

The wet slime quickly evaporates water under the action of high-temperature airflow. At the same time, it is picked up and dropped by the rotation of the drum and the inclination of the cylinder, forming multiple mass and mass heat exchanges until it reaches the preset dry moisture content.

Cleaning and de-adhesive:

Coal slime may adhere to the inner wall of the equipment or the drum wall during the drying process. Therefore, the drying equipment is usually designed with a cleaning device, such as a chain plate or cleaning chain, to promptly clean the materials adhered to the inner wall and prevent the materials from clumping. piece.

Cool down:

The dried coal slime usually has a high temperature, so it needs to be cooled down to a temperature suitable for storage and handling through a cooling system or natural cooling.

Screening and packaging:

The dried and cooled slime goes into a screening machine where it is screened to remove any impurities or oversized particles.

The screened slime can be packed according to different specifications and requirements for storage or transportation.

Exhaust gas treatment:

The exhaust gas generated during the drying process contains water vapor and other volatile substances, which need to be processed through equipment such as dust collectors to remove dust and harmful substances in order to meet environmental protection emission standards.

coal dryer

The structure of coal slime drying equipment usually includes pre-dispersing device, loading system, feeding system, drying host, discharging system, dust removal system, control system and other parts. The interior of the drying host adopts designs such as a chain lifting plate structure to ensure that the slime is lifted up inside the drum and forms a material curtain, while keeping the inside of the drum clean.

The entire slime drying process requires precise control of parameters such as the heat source, coal slime feeding speed, temperature and humidity inside the dryer, to ensure drying effect and efficiency. By optimizing the drying process and equipment configuration, efficient, environmentally friendly and economical drying of coal slime can be achieved.

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