Dingli Multiple biomass carbonization furnace

Time: 2022-07-27 Author: Dingli Group

Dry distillation carbonization furnace is suitable for the carbonization of biomass raw materials of different shapes such as wood, logs, machine-made charcoal, nutshells, and bamboo.

The equipment adopts new hot gas dry distillation carbonization process technology, which greatly improves the carbonization rate. The carbonization rate is increased from about 85% to 98%. It is easy to operate, safe and environmentally friendly, and has high production efficiency. It can also support customized production.

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Multiple combined carbonization furnaces adopt a hoisting combined structure and use the method of hoisting and cooling, which greatly shortens the production cycle and improves the efficiency of charcoal production. At the same time, it uses a unique carbonization flue gas (volatile hydrogen and oxygen substances, tar, etc.) The burning technology makes full use of the flue gas generated by carbonization. In addition to meeting the furnace's own heat requirements and meeting the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, the excess flue gas can be used as a heat source for drying, saving a large amount of fuel in production and improving Business efficiency.

Dingli has batch and continuous carbonization technology. The equipment can be designed and manufactured in accordance with the characteristics of raw materials and customer requirements. Welcome to online consultations.

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