Shenmu coal slime dryer machine start the installation

Time: 2022-06-15 Author: Dingli Group

In the Shaanxi Shenmu coal slime drying project, our company provided customers with Coal Slime Drying Production Line solutions, equipment, and completed installation and commissioning work according to the signed contract. At present, the coal slime dryer project is starting installation.

coal slime dryer

The coal slime itself has high humidity and high cohesiveness. Dingli's special Coal Slime Dryer adopts a unique dispersing device, which can disperse the cohesive slime and dry it, which increases the contact area between the coal slime and the hot air, so The heat utilization rate is greatly improved. The dried slime can reduce the moisture to below 12% at one time, and the dried slime can be directly used as the heat source fuel of the dryer.

Dingli is a manufacturer of Coal Slime Drying Equipment, which can provide large, medium, and small slime drying equipment with stable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, energy-saving and environmental protection, high efficiency, and favorable prices. Dingli coal slime dryers are currently selling well in domestic and foreign markets, and the equipment has been exported to Russia, Ukraine, Mongolia, Indonesia, and other countries. For more information, you can leave a message or consult online.

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