Installation of the distiller's grain dryer in Anhui is completed

Time: 2022-06-03 Author: Dingli Group

According to the latest news from the Anhui distiller's grains dryer project, with the close cooperation of the Dingli installation team and local customers, the main equipment of the distiller's dryer has been installed. The project is expected to be completed within the specified construction period and enter the trial operation stage.

In the Jiangsu distillers grain drying project, Dingli has customized solutions, not only meet the production requirements of output capacity, final moisture, and heat sources, and the dried vinasse has a uniform color and particles, and high quality, which brings good economic benefits to the customers.

DDGS dryer

Dingli distiller's grain drying equipment can dry grains, corn distiller's grains, buckwheat distiller's grains, liquor grains, and beer waste grains. The equipment adopts the drying process independently developed by Dingli. It uses high-temperature hot air to dry quickly, with a short drying time, small temperature rise, and low energy consumption. An efficient dust removal device is installed, which can completely avoid dust pollution during operation and is more environmentally friendly. The system has high integration, excellent structure, high efficiency, large capacity, high automation, and simple operation.

Dingli specializes in producing vinasse dryers and yeast dryers. For more detailed information, you are welcome to consult online.

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