Sichuan Ppetroleum Coke Drying Machine has been Shipped

Time: 2022-04-25 Author: Dingli Group

The production of petroleum coke drying project equipment signed by the Sichuan customer has been completed and is about to enter the trial operation phase. Dingli Machinery provides customers with a complete turnkey project including equipment design, production, production, installation, and commissioning. The equipment has been successfully commissioned and has shipped to the project site yesterday.

Petroleum Coke Dryer

The petroleum coke drying equipment project is designed and customized according to customer's requirements and is mainly composed of feeder, rotary drum, heat source, belt discharger, unloader, and induced draft fan. Dingli has many years of experience in the construction of drying projects. It is a professional manufacturer of rotary drum dryers. Dingli rotary dryer is suitable for coal, feed dregs, biomass waste, mineral soil, and other materials. using self-developed drying technology, which has technical and price advantages. For more information, looking forward to your online consultation.

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