Advantages of Dingli straw pellet machine

Time: 2022-04-11 Author: Dingli Group

The straw pellet machine is a mechanical equipment for pressing straw into granular material.Straw pellet machine takes crop straw as raw material.The particles are pressed into cylindrical particles.Besides being used as fuel, biomass can be used as feed for livestock and poultry. It is convenient and easy to save energy, and the most important thing is environmental protection and energy saving, so as to make good use of waste.

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The corn straw pellet machine is suitable for families, self-employed persons and farmers, on the basis of the traditional particle machine, the straw pellet machine has been improved by experts, and the design is more reasonable, and the output is greatly improved.Compared with the traditional particle machine, the straw pellet machine has a wider range of use, higher safety factor, compact model and smaller material area, thereby reducing the occupation area, and also having a shock absorption system, which is convenient for use,most importantly, after the scientific design of the modern straw pellet machine, the output is greatly improved, and the particles are smooth, so that the output can be improved and the quality can be guaranteed.Moreover, the pressed straw particles are easy to store, and can be used quickly, practically and conveniently.

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