Biomass Carbonization Machine
Capacity:100-1500 kg/h Drying Material Moisture(%):sawdust, wood chip, bamboo, coconut shell, cherry shell, jujube, walnut shell, apricot shell, peanut shell, rice husk, cotton stalk, straw, bean curd, etc(Adjustable) Heat Source: all kinds of agricultural and forestry biomass charring making
suitable for coconut shells, coffee grounds, peanut shells, bagasse, walnut shell, sawdust, rice husk, bamboo, etc.

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Environmentally-friendly drum continuous carbonation machine uses the carbonized flue gas purification into combustible gas generated in combustion itself. it can continuous product 24 hours. It has an advantages of zero pollution, zero emission, save labor, high capacity, energy-saving consumption, the high degree of automation and advanced technology. Which is suitable for large-scale production, with high carbonation rate, high carbon production rate, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency advantages.

This machine is suitable for all kinds of agricultural and forestry biomass charring making. For example, wood shavings, sawdust, wood chip, rice husk, cotton stalk, crop straw, bean curd, etc.

continuous charcoal making machine

charcoal making machine

The carbonization machine adopts the advanced technology of recovery, purification and circulating combustion of carbon monoxide, methane, ethane and other combustible gases produced in the process of carbonization. It solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by thick smoke which produced by ordinary carbonization furnace in the carbonization project, and solves the heat energy problem required by the equipment, fully realizes self-sufficiency, and improves the continuity and economy of the equipment We should make full use of the agricultural and forestry residues to turn waste into treasure and contribute to the greening environment.


Model Drum diameter(mm) Drum length(m) Carbon capacity(kg) Power(kw) Dimension(m) Roller speed(r/min)
DLTJ1010 1000 10 100-200 25 11*1.5*2.7 2-5
DLTJ1210 1200 10 200-300 30 11*1.8*2.8 2-5
DLTJ1410 1400 10 400-500 40 11*2.0*3.0 2-4
DLTJ1612 1600 12 600-800 50 13.5*2.3*3.3 2-4
DLTJ1912 1900 12 900-1100 60 13.5*2.5*3.5 2-3
DLTJ2212 2200 12 1200-1500 70 13.5*2.8*3.7 2-3
DLTJ2512 2500 12 1600-2000 90 13.5*3.1*4.0 2-3
DLTJ3012 3000 12 2200-2600 120 13.5*3.6*4.2 2-3
DLTJ3612 3600 12 3000-3800 150 13.5*4.2*4.5 2-3

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